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Welcome to Bollywood UK Artists


Bollywood UK Artists is an agency set up by Bobby who is a Leading Pianist, Composer and Head Of Music.

With 20 years of experience he has and continues to provide high quality artists for all occasions.  

Bollywood UK Artists offers the highest quality of Singers and musicians in the UK.

We offer a wide variety of artists ranging from a Bollywood Pianist, Sitar and Tabla, Bollywood Violinist, Bollywood Harpist, Flute (banusiri) and Tabla, Bollywood Saxophone Player,  Bollywood Singers, Bollywood Dancers, Bhangra Dancers, Dhol Player, Bollywood Guitarist, Bagpipe Player, DJS, Dancers, Live band, String Quartet and various other artists to suit your occasion.

All our artists/performers are very professional and of the highest standard and we look forward in making your day very special.

Singers Enquiries